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Just Place The Red Dot On The Target & Shoot
Hit a Coke Can 75 plus Feet!!

The PS58 slingshot is a new patented technology that enables the PS58 slingshot to shoot with enough accuracy to split a pencil at 24 feet.This new slingshot rivals air pistol in accuracy yet beat them in power. The secret behind this innovative slingshot lays within its dual offset pivoting system. This system precisely aligns the reddot sight to the trajectory of the fired projectile.

Red Dot Sight

The PS-58 slingshot uses a Red Dot Sight, which is ideal for indoor or outdoor shooting. The sight has a left/right and elevation adjustment on the slingshot for sighting in the slingshot. For long distance shooting, the elevation is easily adjusted by turning a knob which compensates bullet drop.

The PS58 is easy to shoot. Simpily look through the red dot scope, place the red dot onto the target and shoot. The PS58 using a dual pivot system, is like a gimble that piviots the head of the slingshot along the axis of where the slingshot will shoot.

New Improved PS58 Replaces PS52 and PS58,

The PS58 slingshot is the newer and improved Version of the PS52 and PS55. The PS58 more accurate because of its new low friction bearings on both piviots and extended arms. This allows the head and sight to align itself perfectly to the axis of fire.

Both the PS52 and PS55 used a laser to aim at its target. This was not practical because the laser could not be seen outdoors in daylight. Also, gun sight on the PS52 was difficult to use because the front post and rear sight must be aligned when shooting. The PS58 solves both of these issues. The PS58 reddot sight works in sunlight and is easy to use. Simpily put the reddot on the target and shoot.

hit flying targets with a shotgun spray of BBs (with optional addon shotgun pouch).

The PS-58 slingshot is accurate enough to split pencils at 24 feet

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of the PS-58 splitting a pencil.

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